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  2. 'Harry and the Hendersons': THR's 1987 Review
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Fans of 80s action movies may not realise that Kevin Peter Hall also played the titular character in Predator alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger! The Predator was a very different creature to Harry though….

MCSI Presents: HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS | derpprovar.gq

However, the loveable Bigfoot is also popular with his creator, special effects maestro Rick Baker pictured below , who cites Harry as his favourite ever character. Melinda Dillon — who played Nancy Henderson in the film — only wore shoes in two scenes throughout the entire movie. She can be seen with shoes on during the opening camping trip scene, as well as the climactic chase at the end.

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The rest of the time the actress is completely barefoot. Many people dubbed it a poor decision, especially since the film did nowhere near as well as expected at the box office. To try and rectify the fact that audiences in America were staying away from movie theaters, the film was actually renamed in many countries including the UK.

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A few years after all of this happened, the film was re-named Harry and the Hendersons. Emmet Walsh, who in reality is only 10 years older than Lithgow.

'Harry and the Hendersons': THR's 1987 Review

During the film, George sees Harry on TV screens and crashes his car. Adverts are then shown on the screen featuring the Crash Test Dummies! Wallace Wrightwood, works, was a set built along Interstate 2 near Index, Wash. Have a question? Email us at questions tvtabloid. Please include your name and town.

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    Q: I got over the "Good Witch" season being over by getting into "Chesapeake Shores," but then its season ended after just a few episodes, too. Why do they keep doing this?

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    Q: I just saw an ad for the "final season" of "Modern Family," but I thought that ended a while ago? Did I miss something?