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Triton Reference Overview
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  4. Golden Ear Triton Reference Floorstanding Speakers

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Select options. FREE Delivery. Availability: Out of stock. Read more. Amplifiers Bose S1 Pro system battery pack. Audio Rotel RT06 Tuner. Free Delivery. Sorry to hear you are having a problem with your new Tritons, I'm sure your dealer will troubleshoot and repair in just a couple days. I am a bit confused by your description - the top driver in the speaker is a midrange driver and does not produce any sound without your receiver's amplifier output.

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If so, could be a bad connection internally, or the internal ForceField bass amplifier has a problem - if so, an easy 5 minute swap out of the amp module and you'll be all set. As with all electronics, a small percentage of failures is expected in the first 90 days of use.

Sorry again to hear of the problem, I'm sure it will be resolved shortly. No its not the Subwoofer and quite obvious whenever sound is coming through the speaker that it is the top driver.


I am aware that the driver is powered by my amplifier hence the question if my Onkyo supplied enough power for these speakers. Does Goldenear send a replacement or simply repair my current speaker? Thanks for clarifying.

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It is very unlikely the receiver was the culprit unless there's something defective about it. It is possible, however, that you overdrove the receiver and THAT damaged a driver - but the sound would have become obviously distorted long before damage was done plenty of time to turn it down. If the dealer discovers a defective or damaged driver they will replace it with a new driver and test the rest of the speaker.

If it is not the driver but something else that can not be easily serviced then they will receive a replacement speaker. For further support or questions on this individual issue, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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If you're sitting 10 feet away from the speakers, they should be 10 feet apart. The second reference may have been referring to the difference between a speaker firing directly down at you and sounding like it is right above you, as with the , versus the illusion of the sound being all around you with the The at the proper distance will almost sound like a tower or bookshelf speaker placed at a normal listening height ear level.

GET played the HTRs at a trade show and had industry professionals thinking the sound was coming from a pair of tower speakers. The also uses the same drivers as the Aon 3, which is a fantastic speaker that I enjoy very much. It also appears to have a fairly robust crossover network. I intend to use four of them for an Atmos set-up once I have my other seven channels and amplification taken care of and the new sound format wars are settled.

WEB POLL: Do you use the Golden Ears Bridge? – Langley Advance Times

Whatever you decide, I have no doubt it will sound great. Please share your results with pictures and descriptives of the sound so that other shoppers may benefit from your experience. Thank you again for joining us! Happy hunting!

Golden Ear Triton Reference Floorstanding Speakers

Cheers, T Cobe. As GoldenEar recommends mounting the fronts at least a foot from the wall, if I am sitting nine feet from the speakers or ten feet from the wall, should the separation be nine or ten feet? I was hoping to produce a similar effect by pivoting the tweeter some and mounting them a couple feet behind the couch. Do you know the maximum angle the tweeter can attain? The following user s said Thank You: WayneWilmeth. Moderators: Moderator. Kunena Templates. Remember me.

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