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Dwight Weaver takes readers back as well, offering this companion to his previous work, Lake of the Ozarks: The Early Years. A resident of the Lake of the Ozarks for nearly 40 years, Mr. Weaver is a past president of the Camden County Historical Society. His travelogue of words and images gives readers a glimpse into America's early days of leisure and travel, showing how the push for progress turned this Midwestern corner into a lakeside paradise.

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HQRL on facebook. Links Page. The Hoops family was in the funeral home business in Crocker. His obituary is copied here:.

George T. Hoops, prominent Crocker, Missouri merchant, and a brother to Paul Hoops of Waynesville, passed away at his home in Crocker last Sunday, following a heart attack. Hoops, who had been in ill health for some time, had planned to retire from business after the first of the year. Hoops was one of the leading business men in Pulaski County and had been in the General Mercantile business all his life, having been manager of the J. Hoops and Sons store, which was founded by his father.

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Hoops was an ardent hunter and fisherman, and only last all spent some time in Wyoming hunting deer. His untimely death will be felt by the hundreds of friends and neighbors. Hoops, son of J. He died December 27, at his home in Crocker where he spent his entire life. George was owner of J.

Hoops and Sons Store which was established by his father, J. Hoops in On November 12, he was married to Effie Krause of Crocker.

Lake of the Ozarks : Vintage Vacation Paradise - Paperback

He is survived by his wife, Mrs Effie Hoops, two daughters, Mrs. Jimmie Eads of Iberia, and Mrs. Hoops of Crocker. He is also survived by two nieces and a nephew. In his youth he was united with the Crocker Presbyterian church, and was a member of this church at the time of his death. Funeral services were held at p. Meeks officiating. I remember Reverend Meeks.

He was the minister at the Tuscumbia Presbyterian church when I was a boy still living at home in Tuscumbia. He preached at Crocker also. When he first came to the area he lived in Tuscumbia but later moved to Crocker. Reverend Meeks was a very kind person who also was inspiring from the pulpit.

I found a short biography of him at this website :. Standing six feet four inches and weighing pounds, the Reverend Meeks made an impression on all he met. Matching his size was an unbending devotion to God's Word and a life based on those principles. Dwight Weaver of Lake Ozark, Missouri is very well known as the preeminent historian of the area regarding anything to do with the Lake of the Ozarks photo I have quoted him on numerous occasions in previous Progress Notes when discussing the Lake area. He has written four books about the history of the Lake all of them which feature a multitude of vintage photos he copied from Lake area residents and business owners. Dwight now has a new book soon to be available titled " Images of America: Osage Beach. Copied below is the interview:. The possibility of doing a book on Osage Beach had been in my thoughts for some time but it took Arcadia Pusblishing.

I had written two previous books for them so they contacted me about 18 months ago and asked me to do one on Osage Beach for them. The new book is about 70 percent images and 30 percent text so the research was not so time consuming. The more research a book requires, the longer it takes to do one. How does this book differ from the books you have written in the past about Lake of the Ozarks history? My first two books for Arcadia Publishing — Lake of the Ozarks, the Early Years , and Lake of the Ozarks, Vintage Vacation Paradise — were travelogues, picture books that followed Highways 54 and 5 through the Lake region featuring vintage roadside images from each community.

The series now has two volumes in it. My previous books cover many early subjects about the Lake. The book on Osage Beach is different because it focuses upon just one community in the Lake of the Ozarks area featuring photos from to My parents often came to the Lake area to fish when I was a child and I liked the Lake area so well that I vowed that when I grew up I would live here. That became possible in when my wife and I moved to the Lake.

How long did it take to the gather the photographs? Where did you get the photos?

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It has taken more than 40 years. I began collecting Lake memorabilia in the s because I enjoyed it. It was simply a hobby until the mids when I realized that my collection was a unique resource of history. I felt that I should find some way to share all the interesting images and information with other people who like the Lake of the Ozarks region as much as I do. Letting it languish unseen in albums and boxes seemed unacceptable. I had no idea the books I began writing would stir up so much interest in Lake history. I acquired the Lake memorabilia from countless sources such as individuals, other collectors, historical societies, antiques stores, flea markets, postcard dealers from all over the United States, from postcard and paper Americana shows throughout the Midwest, as well as the Internet in more recent years.

People who come to the Lake for recreation identify most readily with the visual beauty and the man-made environment they see here. They identify with the landscape as well as the people, places, events and buildings they encounter. Thousands of the adults enjoying the Lake today were brought here as children by their parents and grandparents. Many of them now want to show their children what the place looked like when they were children.

Photos are the best way to do that. Every photograph tells a story.