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Comment I was looking for something about the wording of links on web pages, and came across this thread. Lots of good advice. There is one thing, however, that I strongly disagree with which is why I had this thread reactivated : Two people talked about using flags symbols as a language selectors instead of the lame "Click below to view this site in German". Don't use flags. Flags do NOT stand for languages, but for countries. For example, by using the German flag as a language selector, you inevitably upset a few German-speaking Swiss or Austrian users.

See my next post - it was too long to include in this post. I work in the localization industry, and the accepted best practice for language selection seems to be: Simply list the names of the languages in their localized form as hyperlinks. End of soapbox.

German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations

Flags can be a very sensitive piece of content. For example, a flag in a UI that represented an unrecognized country was very upsetting to a nearby government, causing that government to ban a product on the basis of the unrecognized national flag. Both of the incidents just mentioned emphasize one of the most misused group of graphics: political symbols, maps, and flags. Most unknowing developers use flags as a graphical way to display a particular language, country, or region, but that is not what a flag represents.

Flags are nationalistic; they represent ideals, boundaries, and political beliefs, but they do not represent a language. For instance, which flag do you use to represent the English language-the American flag, the British flag, the Canadian flag, or the Australian flag? All of these countries speak English. In the process of selecting the most appropriate flag, you will inevitably offend someone because you left them out.

The best practice with all flags, national symbols, maps, and so forth is to avoid them as much as possible. Comment Re flags But BE and AE are very different.

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So having a flag would at least warn me which variety of English to expect. Comment Noch ein weiteres Beispiel, warum Flaggen nicht unbedingt das Gelbe von Ei sind: Wieviele und welche Sprache n assoziiert Ihr mit der schweizer, der belgischen, der niederlaendischen, der kanadischen oder der indischen Flagge? Nur als Beispiele fuer Laender mit mehreren Staatssprachen.

Ich weiss, dass es sehr viel mehr Laender mit mehreren Staatssprachen gibt.

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  • Comment AGB, good point! What you are saying is, not only can many flags countries stand for the same language, but the same flag could also represent many languages. In database terms that would be called a many-to-many relationship, and those are always messy.

    Destroyers under the German Flag 1934 to 1945

    To make the picture even more confusing, there isn't even a one-to-one relationship between flags and countries. The Dutch flag looks the same as the Luxemburg flag. Well, almost - the Dutch blue is just a tinge darker. Your point about India: We all know that India has a whole zoo of different languages. But did you know which country in the world has the biggest zoo - scratch that, here is the "PC" version: is the most linguistically diverse? Click this link to find out Die Frage ist doch nicht, an welche Sprache denke ich, wenn ich z. Comment who cares about a minority of swiss or austrian people in germany who might be annoyed I reckon they might be offended at finding their language claimed by a flag.

    Flags are symbols of state. Strictly speaking, it is an offense to use them in inappropriate ways. I remember an embassy official going ballistic at the suggestion of using a national flag as a tablecloth at a buffet reception Forums Trainer Courses. LEO: Additional information. Print PDF. You need to be logged in to start a new thread. Update May in the meantime the legal sourcec for privacy policies is called GDPR and we have dedicated an entire landing page to it.

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    Privacy law in Europe has its legal framework in European privacy directives and state law. The Data Protection Directive and the ePrivacy Directive are the European minimum standards that have to be implemented into member state law. Personal data constitutes anything that can be linked back to you, arguably also IP-addresses. Switzerland : The collection of personal data is an act that is dealt with by the DSG Datenschutzgesetz in Switzerland. The users are to be informed, which data is collected and who it is shared with stated in context of Google Analytics.

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    Best England Flag Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

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